How to Manage Documents for the iCG Pre-Application

How to reach 100% completion on the documents section of the iCG Pre-Application

In this video, we cover:

  • How to resend the Pre-Application to your merchant
  • How to upload documents on behalf of your merchant
  • What documents are required on the Application Checklist

Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Abigail from iCheckGateway. Our video today will be focused on how to reach 100% completion for the documents section of the iCG Pre-Application.

As discussed in a previous video, the merchant can upload documents using the emailed link that is sent to them using the Docs button. If they select the “Done” button before they finish uploading documents, you can send them a new link by selecting the “Docs” button again.

If for some reason, the merchant would like to make changes to their Prospect Form, as you can see that the button for it has disappeared. In order to enable the “Send” button, you would select “Edit” then manually change the status of the application to “New” and then click “Save and Close.” You will then be able to send the Prospect form and/or the Doc upload request to the merchant again.

Whenever the merchant selects the “Done” button on the merchant upload form, this is what the email will look like for you and then you can enter the Partner Zone to see more details.

As you can see here, some of the required documents still appear to be missing. You will be able to see these by selecting “Edit” and then the “Documents” tab. Here you will be able to see the Application Checklist and upload any documents on behalf of the merchant. For instance, once the application is approved on your end you will be able to input the VAR sheet here to add to the application.

Please note that this example is for an ACH and Credit Card application. Depending on what type of application, the list of required documents may change and so it is important to use the Application Checklist as a guide.

The circles with the question marks mean documents that may be required depending on the application. For instance, the Sample Authorization would only be needed if the merchant marks that they will not be using the Authorization template provided by iCheckGateway in the SEC Codes section. Otherwise, this does not need to be uploaded. For the business logo, this can be included with the application or sent in during the payment portal development process. It is not required for the application to be submitted.

The last item in the checklist, signed document, will be covered in the next video as the final step before the iCG application is submitted to iCG’s Underwriting department.

One final note for the document uploads is that we recommend you remind your merchants that any Driver’s License or Passport will need to be current and not expired. This is another common reason for why an application is pended.

Once you and the merchant have uploaded all the necessary documents, the % of completion for the application will now show as 100% for the documents.

Now it is time to send the application back to the merchant for final review and signature.

This, however, marks the end of today’s video and we will pick up where we left off in the next video on the iCG Pre-Application. Thank you for watching.