How to Send for Signature

Overview of the signature process for the iCG Application

In this video, we cover:

  • How to send out the Pre-Application for merchant signature
  • What it looks like for the merchant to sign
  • How you will be notified once the merchant's signature has been provided

Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Abigail, and in our video today I will be covering the signature process for the iCG Pre-Application.

At this point in the process, we recommend both the fields and documents uploaded to be at 100% completion. While it is possible to send for signature prior to uploading all the documents, it is important to note that when the merchant signs, you will no longer be able to edit the fields section of the application and it will automatically be submitted for Underwriting review.

To send out the application for signature, you will enter the Partner Zone and select the “View” button for that application. You will select the “Document View” tab and then the “Send to Sign" button here.

Please note that all the owners or officers listed on this application will need to provide their signature. You can keep track of who has or has not signed the application using this section here as well as being able to view the signatures in the document itself.

When you send for signature, you will be notified that the application status is now "Sent for Merchant Signature," and the merchant will receive an email from iCG Underwriting. Here is an example of what this email will look like. While it is coming from iCG Underwriting, please note that it is sent through If the merchant has trouble receiving this email, please advise them to add this email to their address book or safe senders list.

They will then select the "Review and Sign" button. At this point, the merchant is able to review the information and can select the yellow tabs to know where their signatures are needed. Once they have signed all the required fields. They can now select the "Click to Sign" button.

If there are more than one owner, it will send the signature request first to the owner with the greatest percentage of ownership. Once they have signed, a signature request will automatically be sent to the next owner and so on until they have all signed.

If the application only has officers listed with no percentage of ownership, it will send out the signature request in order of how the officer’s information was entered in a similar manner.

Once all the owners or officers have provided their signature, you will receive an email showing that the iCG Merchant Application has been completed. You can select the Open Agreement link to download a copy for reference.

You will now be able to review this application in the Partner Zone.

The Underwriting department will reach out to you to confirm that the application has been received and is now under review.

Great job getting to this point, you are almost through the iCG application process. In our next video, I will discuss what the next steps are now that the application has been submitted. Thank you for watching.