How to Send the iCG Pre-Application

Initial steps for sending out the iCG Pre-Application to your merchants


In this video, we cover:

  • Logging into the Partner Zone
  • Creating a new application
  • Sending out the prospect form and request for documents

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone, my name is Abigail, and I am part of the iCheckGateway Customer Success Team. In this video today, I will be walking you through the initial steps of sending out the iCG Pre-Application to your merchants.

The first step in this process is to pull up iCheckGateway’s website, Once there, select the Partner Zone button that is in the top right corner. If you wanted to, you could save this page to your browser to have it automatically take you to this login page. Here, you will enter the Username and Password for your iCG account. If you need to create an account or have forgotten your existing password, you can select the corresponding buttons for either here. 

After you have logged into the Partner Zone, you will be able to access and manage your iCG applications within the Underwriting Tab located here. Please reach out to iCG Support for assistance at if you are unable to see the Underwriting Tab.

One note for the Partner Zone is that it does time you out after a certain time frame of inactivity, so I would recommend saving any application you are working on if you are going to be away from this page for any extended period.

To create a new application, you would select this button here and then select “Add New Prospect.” Now that a new application has been created, I am going to show you the information that is required for you to send it out to your merchant.

First, you can input the merchant’s DBA Name. If their name contains commas or periods, please remove them when entering this field, as it will appear as not a valid name until the punctuation is removed.

Then select their appropriate type of application and fee model. For today’s video purposes, I will select both ACH and Credit Cards and the Traditional Fee Model. It is important to select the correct application type as it will determine the information and documentation that the merchant will be asked to complete.

In this Credit Card Processor section, select the option that you already have a VAR Sheet to provide to iCheckGateway. If you have any questions on how to upload this document into the application, please see my corresponding video that demonstrates this process. Next, select the Credit Card Processor from the dropdown that corresponds to your partner organization.

The ISO/Reseller dropdown will have the name of your partner organization listed to select and the Sales Rep Name dropdown will be similar for you to select your name from the list provided. Next, you will type in your email address so that you can be notified anytime activity or a change in status is observed on this application. Your name will also be listed as the Relationship Manager.

In order to send this to your merchant, you will then enter in the email address of the individual who will be completing the application as well as their SMS enabled phone number. It is important that the phone number provided can receive text notifications as it will require the individual to enter in a texted code for verification each time the individual wishes to access the application.

With these fields completed, you can now click the “Save and Close” button. You will then receive a pop-up notification that the Prospect Application has been added successfully. You will see the merchant’s DBA name listed in the Prospect section or you can search for them using this search tool by providing any of the requested information and selecting search.

To send out the iCG Pre-Application, you will select the “Send” and then the “Docs” button. It is important to select both so that the merchant will receive two emails from The first is to complete the forms for the iCG Pre-Application and the second is where the merchant will be able to upload the required documents for their type of application. 

Please note that when you select the “Docs” button the “Send” button will disappear. If you have questions on how to resend the iCG forms to the merchant, please view my corresponding video on this for more information.

Once the buttons have been selected, you will see that the status has been changed to reflect “Doc Upload Request Sent.” The merchant has now been sent the two emails needed to complete the iCG Pre-Application and you will be notified via email anytime the merchant shows activity on the application.

Thank you for watching our video today on sending out the iCG Pre-Application. If you would like to view the next steps of this process, please continue to the next video.