I have multiple accounts with iCheckGateway, how can I switch between them?

Each iCheckGateway account is assigned unique Site Credentials. By adding these credentials to the iCheckGateway QuickBooks plugin, you can use the plugin for multiple accounts.

  • Make sure that your settings reflect multiple accounts by going to Company -> iCheckGateway.com -> Settings. If you do not see your different accounts in this list, then add them now, making sure to place a checkmark to the left of the key that you will want to be the default account. Then click Save. MultipleSiteIDs
  • Anytime the plugin needs to know which account you will be using, you will see a dropdown for the Site ID field. Change this based on which account you want the plugin to act on. 

    For example, a transaction will process on the iCG account that corresponds to the selected Site ID.

    Select the Site ID for the payments you wish to import.

    And select the Site ID where you would like to sync the invoices.