Signed, What Happens Next

Covers the next steps once the Application has been submitted to the iCG Underwriting Department

In this video, we cover:

  • The Underwriting Review Process
  • The Welcome Emails
  • The Onboarding Call

Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Abigail and thank you for joining me throughout the iCG Pre-Application process. Today I am going to be discussing what the next steps are now that the application has been submitted to our Underwriting department.

As mentioned in my last video, you will receive an email from the Underwriting department where they confirm that they have received the merchant’s application and that it is under review. This process will typically take around 5-7 business days so long as there are minimal pends on the application.

If there are any questions or missing information, the Underwriting department may pend the application. You will then receive an email from the Underwriting department requesting clarification. Please note that there will be no direct communication between the merchant and the Underwriting team. To settle any pend, you will want to send the appropriate response to

Once approved, the merchant will receive a welcome email that will outline useful information for their new iCG account. Here is an example of what this email could look like. Each welcome email is specific to the merchant’s account and what solutions they have been boarded with. If they were boarded with an Essential level payment portal, the live link will be included in this email.

For the other types of payment portals, the development team will reach out to the merchant to receive their customization requirements. One option is for the merchant to click here to fill out the payment portal requirements. Another option is for the merchant to schedule a payment portal scope call to meet with a member of our development team.

They will also be sent a separate email from where they will be able to either register their account or receive the password for their first-time logging into the Online Terminal.

As a part of the onboarding process, a member of iCheckGateway’s Customer Success Team will be reaching out to complete an onboarding call with the merchant. During this call, this onboarding specialist will walk the merchant through the login process to ensure that they are able to access the Online Terminal. They will then help the merchant to run a test transaction of $1 to ensure that the funds are settling as expected. If the merchant would like training on the Online Terminal or for their Scope Call to be scheduled, the onboarding specialist can also do this on their behalf during this call.

This marks the end of the onboarding process for iCheckGateway accounts. Please reach out to if you any questions that have not been addressed in these videos. We will keep track of the common questions we receive to continue building our training resources.

Thank you for taking the time to watch these videos and for your partnership with iCheckGateway.