What are my Site Credentials?

Your Site Credentials are required for processing live transactions. It is important that you keep these credentials confidential for security.

  • Your Site Credentials are unique values used to identify your merchant account within iCheckGateway.com applications.
  • They include a Site ID, Site Key, and API Key.
  • You will need these values when configuring the iCheckGateway Quickbooks plugin.
  • If you cannot find your Site Credentials, contact iCheckGateway support so that we can send these to you in a secure fashion.
  • You do not want to send these credentials through regular email. If you need to send them to someone, we advise that you use secure email or share them in dropbox, etc. By sending them in regular email, you run the risk of someone intercepting this information and then using it for fraudulent purposes.

  • Contact iCG support if you feel that your Site credentials have been compromised and we can generate new ones for your account.