What the Merchant Will See

A look into what the merchant will see after the iCG Pre-Application has been sent.

In this video, we will cover:

  • The two emails the merchant receives
  • An overview of the Prospect Form that the merchant completes
  • The document upload functionality for the merchant

Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the second video on the iCG Pre-Application process. My name is Abigail and today I am going to be taking you through what the merchant sees after you have sent the two parts of the Pre-Application out.

As mentioned in my previous video, the merchant will be receiving two emails coming from noreply@icheckgateway.com. If the emails do not appear in their inbox, I would first check to make sure that it has not been automatically moved to their spam or junk folders. We recommend having the merchant add noreply@icheckgateway.com to their safe senders list to ensure they receive notifications.

As shown here, this is what the emails will look like for the merchant. This first email will allow the merchant to provide essential business information for their application. To begin, they will select the “Click Here” button. This will open a new page that has the SMS enabled phone number associated with that application listed. If the merchant would like to change this phone number, please see the corresponding video on editing the merchant information and resending their forms for more insight into how to do this.

Once the merchant selects the checkbox saying that they are not a robot and the “Verify Phone” button, they will be texted a code to enter in. This is what the screen will look like for the merchant once their access has been verified.

When they start the application, it will take them section by section to complete. Please note that the merchant will need to satisfy all of the required information marked with an asterisk before they will be permitted to move on to the next section. However, they will be able to go back to previous sections before submitting if need be.

If the merchant closes out of the application before submitting, their information will need to be reentered for all sections. Due to this, we recommend the merchant complete and submit the information portion of this application in one sitting as it should only take around five minutes to accomplish.

After filling in the last section, the merchant can either go back and review their previous information or select the “Finish” button to submit this information for their application. You will then be notified via email that this Merchant has completed the Prospect Form.

For more information about common questions that may come up while the merchant is completing the Prospect Form, please see the corresponding videos that pertain to this topic.

I will now return to the merchant’s email address to show you what the merchant sees on the second email you sent out for the iCG Pre-Application. On this email, it is asking the merchant to upload requested files. It is a similar process of clicking the button and entering in a texted code.

After verification, the merchant will be able to see an Application Checklist for the type of application that was set up for them, in this case both ACH and Credit Card. This checklist will update to reflect the documents still needed for the application.

When the merchant is uploading a document, they will use this dropdown to specify which document they will be uploading, then select the file, and click this “Upload” button. It will pop-up with a notification that the upload has been successful and be listed in the table below.

The merchant can upload documents, leave the page, and still have their uploads saved within the table when they return. However, once the merchant selects the “Done” button, the link to upload documents will be expired and you will need to resend the document request email if the merchant would like to submit additional documents. When the “Done” button is selected, you will be notified via email that the merchant has uploaded documents and view these within the Partner Zone.

If you are going to be submitting any documentation on behalf of the merchant, such as the VAR sheet, please see our video that corresponds to this for more details.

Thank you for watching our video on what the merchant will see when the iCG Pre-Application is sent out. In the next couple videos, I will be walking you through some common questions that merchants have while completing their application.