What the Sales Rep Will See

A look into what the Sales Rep will see after the merchant submits the Prospect Form and uploads documents

In this video, we cover:

  • How to review the information completed by the merchant
  • How to reach 100% field completion for the iCG Pre-Application
  • How to edit pricing information

Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Abigail. Welcome to the next video in our series on the iCG Pre-Application. Today we are going to be discussing what you will see within the Partner Zone and how to enter in the pricing information for the application.

As mentioned in a previous video, you will receive an email once the merchant has completed the Prospect Form. Here is an example of what that email will look like. It will have the merchant’s business name with their ID number and tell you to log into the Partner Zone to view Prospect details.

For today’s purposes, I am going to skip through the login process for the Partner Zone, but please see our first video on the iCG Pre-Application if you would like to review this.

For each prospect entry, you will be able to see the status listed here. For instance, the application that the Prospect Form was just completed for now has the status “Merchant Replied.” It also shows the Payment type being ACH and Credit Card as well as the percentage of completion. The “F” means the required fields and the “D” means documents needed for the application. As you can see here, this Pre-Application is not yet at 100% completion despite the merchant completing the Prospect Form and uploading documents.

In our video today, I will be focusing on showing you how to enter in the remaining required fields to reach the 100% completion for the “F” category. If you would like to see more information on managing documents for the Pre-Application, please see the next video for more information.

To enter in the remaining required fields, you will select the “Edit” button. Here you will be able to go through the tabs to review the information completed in the Prospect Form. One way to see at a glance what information is still needed is to select the “Required for submission validation” checkbox then the “Save” button to highlight what is still needed in red. Please note that you will need to unselect this checkbox if you are going to select “Save and Close” before all of the required fields have been completed.

Now I will take you through what commonly must still be completed after the merchant completes the Prospect Form. In the Credit Card Processing section, you will be asked to select the Industry Type that they will be set up with as well as the MCC and Credit Card Funding time.

Next, for the Fees/Pricing section, you will use the pricing breakdown sent to you by the iCG onboarding specialist for this application. Here is an example of what this pricing breakdown could look like for your merchant. It is important to enter all of the information from the pricing breakdown into their respective fields to ensure that the application is set up correctly.

If you have any questions on pricing, please reach out to the onboarding specialist you completed a partner demo with or by emailing supportdesk@icheckgateway.com.

After all the remaining fields have been filled, if the “Required for Submission Validation” is selected all the tabs will appear in green. You can now select the “Save and Close” button. Now looking at the percentage of completion, the fields on the application are now at 100%.

We will leave off here for our video today, but in our next I will be discussing how to manage documents for the application and how to resend the document request email to your merchant. Thank you for watching.